About Us

Adhi Persada Gedung is designed to answer the challenges and dynamics of Construction Services for high-rise building

The growth of construction industry has been increasing significantly. Adhi Persada Gedung established to address the challenges in growth of construction service dynamic needs, engaged in building especially high-rise construction

Company Profile

Adhi Persada Building is Formed special to handle Building Construction Services

Adhi Persada Gedung optimistically and confidently strives to always actualize the idea as a competence development

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Vision Mission

To be a building specialist company that provide construction

To be a building specialist company that provide construction services with the biggest value in Indonesia

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Organization Structure

The integration of every function in the company to achieve the goals according to the vision and mission of Adhi Persada Building.

Interaction, tasks and responsibilities of each unit within the company designed in a way to build synergy of effective and efficient, as one of the strategies to achieve the company's objectives.

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