18 November 16

ADHI New Contract up to October 2016

As of October 2016, ADHI succeeded to achieve Rp11.4 trillion total new contract, which accounted for 45.7% to its 2016 new contract target of Rp 25.0 trillion. The 11M16 new contract increased by 8.2% YoY compared to October 2015. The big project in October 2016 New Contracts is: Transmart in Solo (Rp 183.3 billion).

Most of October 2016 new contract was generated from construction business (86.6%) and the remaining came from other business lines. Based on market segmentation, new contracts realization consist of State Owned Enterprise (41.3%), Government (33.8%), and Private (25.4%).

Meanwhile based on type of work, new contracts consist of Buildings (47.6%), Road and Bridges (23.7%), and other infrastructure (28.7%).