16 May 19

Share with An-Nuriyah Islamic Boarding School in Ramadan

In this Ramadan month, PT APG continued to share with our fellow brothers and sisters in need by holding an agenda for breaking the fast and sharing the benefits at the Islamic Boarding School of An-Nuriyah, Jl. Timbul Jagakarsa - South Jakarta.

The program began with the reading of the Holy Qur'an, the remarks from the President Director of PT APG, namely Mr. Sukaryo, remarks by the Islamic Boarding School of An-Nuriyah, tausiyah by Ustadz, followed by giving compensation to orphans represented by the Directors and managers of PT APG, praying together and breaking the fast together & praying in congregation, then closed with a group photo.

Sharing is a beautiful thing, friend, Sharing Together and Be Blessed Together ...