26 January 17

The Opening Month K3 APG

Jakarta, January 26 2017. In commemoration of national K3 Mounth 2017, PT Adhi Persada Gedung (APG) was opened with a ceremony on Thursday (26/1) in Gayanti's Project attended by the directors, manager, Project managers and staff, and business patners and also workers of giyanti's project.

The ceremony was the beginning of activities of national K3 in APG was officially opened by the entire board of directors via keystrokes siren on the theme "With K3 culture we improve the human life towards to happy, healthy and productive”

As Act No. 1 of 1970 on Occupational Safety, implementation of K3 is not only aimed at the workforce in order to ensure his safety, but also the risk control of the equipment, assets and sources of production so that it can be used safely and efficiently in order to avoid accidents and occupational diseases.

With cultivate K3, APG hoping to Compete into national contractor's company, which all patners and staff can be fun, convenience, secure, and be happy to work at APG. So APG will continue to grow and be favorite by the owners as well as clients.