Green Construction

Green construction: environmentally friendly, budget friendly.

Our green construction began on the provision of all work equipment that was no longer using generators and solar, but the PLN electricity. This conservation is surely not only to reduce the risk of environmental pollution, whether land, air, and water, but also has proven in reducing the cost and time of production efficiently and effectively.

For the selection of materials, we choose precast concrete or glass for the façade wall material, which can reduce consumption of brick or hebel and wet pair. This reduces the environmental pollution caused by the former brick rubbish, it also reduces costs and production time of finishing façade architecture works.

One of this system application on the working method is concrete formwork structure work that has been created with the full system, which is reducing the use of rafters wood consumption or beams. Not to mention, this process reduces noise pollution in the environment due to carpentry, also reducing costs and production time of formwork or structure works.