Realizing HSE goal project: zero accidents, zero environment impact, and HSE Excellence Performance

Adhi Persada Gedung implements the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) on any type of work to be carried out ranging from planning to handover to the client.

By attaching a Job Safety Analyzis (JSA), the submission process material approvals and work permits involves both project HSE officers and client HSE officers to ensure the validation of work safety and health, in the name of being preventive.

From the material elicitation process, material installation, up to the material handover to the client, involving checks include validation results HSE process that has been undertaken. We conduct HSE audits to Q Pass (QPASS QHSE) to ensure all business processes are conducted in accordance with the principle of HSE. Types of activity and products that qualify for Q Pass is continued, while the rejected ones will be fixed within specified time. Documentary evidence records of HSE provided with detailed and comprehensive information.