Where the quality guaranteed and ensure the product quality meets our client’s satisfaction  

In Adhi Persada Gedung we maintain our quality by controlling from upstream to downstream through integrated Quality Assurance process from multiple business units and projects.

Under coordinator of Quality Control and Quality Assurance headquarters in managing all activities, we perform all stages of the process, which are:

  • Arranging the Q Plan in accordance with the Work Plan and Terms (RKS) from the beginning  until the handover
  • Conducting the procurement of goods and services refer to the approved Q Plan
  • Involving the client in the process of filing material agreements to ensure data validation
  • Material testing in the laboratory or an independent institution, approving the passed material and rejecting which does not
  • Checking arrival until the installation of materials including the product quality test results and make the execution documentation
  • Performing Q Pass quality audit to make sure that all business processes are carried out are in accordance with Q Plan and RKS
  • Handover of products that qualified for Q Pass and the detailed and comprehensive documentary evidence recording
  • Updating and recording daily, weekly, and monthly to be monitored, accessed, and evaluated online quickly