Not only as a form of the company’s accountability to the stakeholders, Good Corporate Governance applied to enhance the sustainable business performance.

Through the Regulation of State Minister for State Owned Enterprises No. PER-01 / MBU.2011 dated August 1, 2011 and No. PER-09 / MBU / 2012 July 6, 2012, the Indonesian government sought to implement the Good Corporate Governance at all levels of State Owned Enterprises (BUMN) and their subsidiaries as a set of principles and regulations that guide the management and control of the company to match the expectations of stakeholders.

This compliance to the principles and rules is reflected in the company’s code of conduct that provides guidance and guidelines for rights and obligations for all levels of management and employees. This code of conduct also contibutes in creating a corporate culture based on achievements, which is included in these three initiatives: Work Smart, Integrate, and Unpretentious.

Improve the Performance
Not only to build trust of stakeholders and to improve the company image, we believe that the Good Corporate Governance is a value system that in line with international best practice standards, thus improving the overall performance of the company.

The implementation and internalization of this rule becomes an important part in implementing the company's strategy, because it affects the determination of the target company, maximizing performance improvement and to help develop a more responsive work culture in the company.

Risk Management
Good Corporate Governance also plays an important role in risk management that includes planning, decision-making, the organization, implementation and monitoring of risks.
To manage risk effectively, the company must have competence and be able to identify the risks of industrial and organizational risk accurately and carefully. This includes the company's ability to build a strong culture of risk awareness throughout the company.

The implementation of Good Corporate Governance motivates to:

  • Contribute optimal performance on company’s improvement 
  • Improve and maintain the company's image through excellent service
  • Maintain the assets and resources of the company
  • Improve the performance for the financial success realization 
  • Provide adequate protection and fair treatment for all stakeholders
  • Ensure the implementation of compliance management, risk management and internal control

We are aware that implications of the Good Corporate Governance will form a strong and tidy organizational structure in the company, as well as the efficiency, competitiveness, growth, high business value, and high results of operations.

To that end, Adhi Persada Building implement it through clear Corporate Governance, those are Good Corporate Governance structure, internal regulations and procedures, Good Corporate Governance guideliness, and a board manual that govern the relationship between the Board of Commissioners, among Directors, among Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors; between Board of Directors and the company’s Board of Directors; between the Board of Commissioners and the Corporate Secretary.