In connection with the implementation of the Anti-Bribery Management System (SMAP) based on SNI ISO 37001: 2016 carried out within PT Adhi Persada Gedung, we invite Stakeholders to support efforts to prevent bribery by running a business with high integrity and are committed to carrying out the 4 NO's principles, namely :

1. No. Bribery, may not be involved in bribery or the like;
2. No Kickback, no thank-you money, or the like;
3. No Gift, there may be no giving of inappropriate gifts;
4. No Luxurious Hospitality, and no extravagant banquets are allowed.

In line with the implementation of the SMAP, if you are aware of bribery or other violations that have occurred within the PT Adhi Persada Gedung environment, then you can make a report through the violation reporting media in the form of APG's official e-mail, namely, which dedicated to managing the whistleblower process (WBS) and protected by an enterprise encryption mechanism.