Behind a strong building construction, there is a strong commitment in sustainable business practices.  

In Adhi Persada Gedung, we survive and grow through sustainability, that is how we comitted to sustainable business practice in the social, cultural, and economic environment. Through continuous improvement in all parts to ensure the success of the company in achieving our vision, in line with the business competition among all competitors.


Where the quality guaranteed and ensure the product quality meets our client’s satisfaction

In Adhi Persada Gedung we maintain our quality by controlling from upstream to downstream through integrated Quality Assurance process from multiple business units and projects.

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Realizing HSE goal project: zero accidents, zero environment impact, and HSE Excellence Performance

Adhi Persada Gedung implements the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) on any type of work to be carried out ranging from planning to handover to the client.

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Adhi Persada Gedung is more than a business. We are a company with a soul and awareness for the environment and communities.

With our strengths, we run our corporate social responsibility both in each project as well as in the headquarters. Road improvements in the environment around the project sites, the provision of financial support as well technical assistance and design on the construction of places of worship, also the donations to orphans around the project environment.

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