Mental & Spiritual Improvement

Because all the material things mean nothing without spiritual values. 

Inside Adhi Persada Gedung, there is an energetic team spirit at work with a genuine excitement about what the future can bring. It is important to us to have a good balance between work, religous sense, and natural surrounding. 

The core of positive energy in the company comes from the family support. Therefore family gathering is one thing to do to get to know each other more closely, while refreshing our mind and enjoying the nature.

Many other activities organized in order to increase faith to the almighty One, such as giving donor to the orphans and reciting Quran every week at the office or in the project. We perform routine morning talk every week in the project sites by exercising with all personnel. We also  conduct health and psychological counseling, both at the project and the headquarters to foster department partnerships or health institution such as community health centers or hospitals.