17 January 19

Opening Ceremony of the 2019 National Occupational Health and Safety Month (K3)

The opening ceremony of the national HSE month is our way of commemorating, jointly committed and culturally K3 effectively and optimally on performance especially on the project. This also serves as an improvement for managers and workers together to realize hopes and find remedial solutions for the company for occupational safety and health. Activities of the National K3 Month Opening Ceremony which is located in the Bekasi Transpark Project with the theme "Realizing the Independence of Indonesian Cultured Society of Occupational Safety and Health (K3) to Support National Economic Stability".
K3 is associated with efforts to maintain project performance activities in order to maintain compliance with safe, healthy and reliable ways of working and focus on solutions to problems and fulfill the priority of K3 on company commitments. In this way it can create enthusiasm and work motivation and good K3 discipline.

The opening ceremony of the K3 and 2019 safety patrol was attended by the Directors of APG, namely Mr. Sukaryo as Managing Director, Mr. Martinus Pauran as Director of Production, Mr. Harry Wibowo is at the same time Director of Business Development and Mr. M. Ziad Choirin as Director of Finance & DDM, also attended by managers, project managers and of course other project teams.

Let's build K3 culture in performance, safety first!